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The first home decoration (2006): I got on a thief's boat for cheap. It was disgusting to finish the decoration. I knew that the decoration company had a trap, but I still got into it. The reason is simple --" Cheap "e;. For a working class, it's not easy to decorate a house. Who doesn't want to save a little. But in the end, not only did it not " Province "e;, It costs more. The work was done like that, and the price was more than twice the original contract price. People said: the quotation in the contract is a business that loses money (in the market competition, we can only beat our competitors by price), but I didn't come to your house to decorate for the sake of losing money. You don't go to inquire. Can you come down with 23 yuan for laying bricks (cleaning auxiliary materials) and 15 yuan for painting (Dulux packaging materials)? I quoted 15000 at the beginning, but other companies quoted 23000. Haven't you compared them? It's like two people alive. Before signing the contract, it's a smiling Buddha. After you come in, it's a smiling tiger. At first, I couldn't figure it out. I really wanted to blow him away. However, the money has been paid and the work has been done. Who is willing to clean up after leaving this rotten stall? Besides, this company will also wrangle with me, and then it will be my turn to have a lawsuit and decorate the new house for an ominous omen. Later, I wanted to open it by asking. Yes, there is no reason to ask others to lose money. The items that didn't exist before will be increased, and I will pay the price as you say. Anyway, the country has no written regulations, and there is no idle work to talk about this with you every day, just for peace. I just feel a little sick after the decoration. The taste of being teased is hard to swallow. The second home decoration (2008): I suffer from the irresponsible brand recognition of advertisers. XX integrity unit and XX Gold Cup winner … Large advertisements and high popularity. Brand, the price is higher, quality and service are guaranteed!? So, in view of the first experience and lessons, I identified this brand. Who knows, it's all about pickpockets and brokers. The foreman paid a deposit to the company in order to make him obedient; Supervisors often appear to monitor whether foremen and guerrillas sell the company. Of course, these have nothing to do with my home decoration. What matters is: charging me for decoration is outrageously high! After signing the 158000 decoration contract, only 47000 materials and 36000 labor were spent, and the remaining 75000 were directly put into the pockets of the company, with a profit of more than 47%. After investigation and professional accounting, I really feel a little wronged. You can't say anything after being dumb. Ask about the quality -- it looks good, but it's average. Home decoration has no regret medicine. I believe it's not just me. How to choose is also impossible to prevent. Buyers have no access to sellers. Facing today's home decoration market, consumers can only consider how to reduce losses and heartache when choosing decoration companies




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