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The tranquility and elegance of blue, the purity and elegance of white, and the combination of blue and white together compose a pure and romantic melody of Mediterranean style, which not only brings people beautiful visual enjoyment, but also creates a very comfortable living atmosphere, making people feel more comfortable and at will. Now let's take you to enjoy the romantic Mediterranean two bedroom and two hall decoration renderings of the owners' homes in the happy era

style analysis: Mediterranean style furniture was quickly accepted by people in large regions outside the Mediterranean with its very friendly pastoral style, soft colors and atmosphere of combination. Of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have the soul of style running through them. The soul of Mediterranean style, at present, is more consistent with the view that "the romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty and nature of the sea and sky, sunny"

decoration owner's files:

Community: happy era (more decoration renderings of happy era) house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration style: Mediterranean decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 130000 decoration company: Decoration bidding, decoration map

blue and white striped wallpaper or horizontal or vertical, in addition to putting green plants on the spacious floating window table at the floating window, sea blue curtains are hung, Simple decoration design creates a beautiful indoor landscape, bringing people a beautiful visual impression and comfortable experience. The arched concave bedside background wall is covered with blue and white vertical stripes, and then matched with pure white double beds and other supporting furniture. Blue and white constitute the main color of this bedroom, highlighting the unique beauty of the Mediterranean style

white ceiling, white background wall, off white floor, and fresh white constitute the main color of this space, giving people an extremely refreshing and pure visual impression. Therefore, the sky blue Roman roller shutter has become the highlight of the space color, which is very eye-catching in this white space. The blue and white striped fabric sofa is well matched here, The unified color makes the living room present a harmonious beauty. The classic blue and white collocation deduces the beauty of Mediterranean style to the extreme

the azure background wall is matched with pure white sofas and coffee tables. The combination of blue and white establishes the fresh style of the Mediterranean style of the space. The designer creates a white shelf on the wall, which is used to place decorative paintings and some trinkets. In addition, the design of the background wall next to it is also a highlight. A simple bookshelf of solid wood is embedded in the sunken space, Bookshelves with multiple compartments help to classify and place items, ensuring a clean and orderly space. Antler shaped chandeliers on the ceiling show artistic design beauty and become the highlight of space decoration

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