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A "my first half of life" has been so popular recently that I'm embarrassed to go out without watching it. There's no way. After all, there are very few good plays in which everyone's acting skills are online. Besides acting skills, brother Jin Dong's charm also supports the attraction of the whole play. In addition, Luo Zijun's “ New home ” It is also hotly debated. It's obviously a beautiful industrial style decoration, but Ping'er spits it out as broken. Who can be reasonable

I almost forgot, and the old drama bone of this play, flaming red lips Xue Pearl

the old sister is actually Mrs. Gan, the wife of Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms of CCTV. Did you make it! Teacher Xu Di, a national first-class actor, won your attention every minute

but this is not what we are going to discuss today. Last week, Xiaobian's best friend, a 10th grade fan of "the first half of my life", came to me and said: have you seen Luo Zijun's new home? It's so broken! Chen Junsheng actually lived in a rough room for her! Why are you so shameless? Balabala% ¥ \amp& amp;& hellip;& hellip;

Xiaobian was surprised! It can't be true! In order to highlight the misery of the hostess, is this film even on the blank room?! So a little editor who didn't watch an episode took advantage of yesterday's weekend, and finally made up “ Blank room ” Appearance:

the public security building is located in an excellent location, but it is a little old. It was built in 1980. The online quotation is about 7 to 9 square meters

Ping Er cried and said that the house was so dark that I wanted to go home 5555 & hellip& hellip;

a barrage of sympathy: “ The house is so broken& rdquo;& ldquo; Scum man cheated and robbed the house and returned it to the original partner to live in the blank& rdquo;& ldquo; It's too dark& rdquo;& hellip;& hellip;

however, Xiaobian focuses on one room, which is wrong! This house clearly has a tone! Isn't this industrial style decoration? Or am I wrong

the original material tones of black, white and gray, cement, wall tiles, water pipes and the like are deliberately exposed to the vision, which makes the original ecology feel old

but by no means simple “ Old ” And “ Ragged ”, Open kitchen, smart double door refrigerator, mobile phone controlled super pull air conditioner &hellip& hellip;

I didn't read it wrong! Where is this rough and dilapidated house? This is super fashionable industrial style decoration

what is industrial style decoration? Take two examples:

1. Have you seen Jing Boran's home a while ago

black simple basic leather sofa, standard for industrial style decoration

metal stairs and cement wall blanks are all capriciously exposed with the most primitive texture

2. Have you been to Taipei Songshan cultural and creative park

Matsuyama kiosk won the German red dot award red dot design award

make use of the old factory, retain the original daylighting, condense the static and flowing scene outside the window into this ancient story, and improve the spatial texture like a movie documentary

therefore, the charm of industrial style decoration lies in its “ Break ”, And with “ Break ” Completely opposite fashion and postmodernism

a large area of bare bricks, metal pipes, cement floors, and concrete combine to form a rough, mysterious space with some decadent old industrial flavor

although the industrial style decoration is cool, decadent and artistic, I want to remind you &mdash& mdash;

don't force yourself for the sake of the wind

industrial style decoration is highly recognizable, with great style and personal color. It's cool, but it's not easy to apply it to real houses

it requires an accurate grasp of design. If you don't understand industrial style decoration and are not proficient in design, it is recommended not to try it easily. After all, home is where we live every day. Comfortable and happy living is the last word


if you like industrial style decoration, your home should have these conditions:

1 Good lighting, especially the living room must have enough lighting

2. The floor height shall be at least 3M and the space shall be spacious enough

3. Members can accept the elements of industrial style & Material

maybe when pinger grows up, he will know that this is called industrial style decoration in his family, which is not broken. Of course, for children, the old sense of industrial style decoration is difficult for them to accept. Therefore, we must consider the feelings of children when decorating our new home




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