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At present, with the idea of green environmental protection widely advocated all over the world, the requirements of the broad masses of consumers for home furnishings are no longer simple, comfortable and practical. Environmental protection and low-carbon home furnishings have become important considerations. In such a fashion, solid wood customized home is more and more popular, so the traditional panel home gradually loses its leading position in the market

facing the medium and high-end household customer groups, the panel household has the current situation of market downturn, which is due to the hot pursuit of solid wood household by the majority of consumers. Many manufacturers of wardrobes and overall household appliances have highlighted the views of "green" and "environmental protection" in their advertising slogans. Of course, our barens solid wood customization factory is no exception. The views of "green" and "environmental protection" have become the most concerned topics in the global era, and are not limited to the household industry, such as real estate, decoration, food and so on

in the current situation of the household industry, all views believe that only solid wood household is absolutely safe and reliable. This theory determines that solid wood wardrobe gradually occupies the upper hand in the market and leads the development trend of the industry

for manufacturers of single panel furniture, it is no less than an unprecedented test. Small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers can switch to solid wood. However, for some large manufacturers of single panel furniture, due to the huge investment and the completion of sales channels, there may be a dilemma of "it is difficult to turn around". However, if they want to operate for a long time, they must be clear about this situation. To this end, in our group's Erica panel home with our barens? Living home customized furniture made of solid wood, fully maintain the common market share of panel and solid wood, and meet different consumer needs at the same time

nevertheless, panel furniture will not disappear, and panel furniture also has its unique advantages. Now people's biggest concern about panel furniture is environmental protection. In fact, panel furniture produced by modern equipment basically meets the requirements of environmental protection and can be used at ease. The main reason why panel furniture is facing survival problems is that people's consumption concept is out of order. To this end, industry insiders call on everyone to rationally understand and consume home furnishings, and create a benign and healthy development of the industry

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