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In hot summer, we need to cool our space. Villa garden is the best place for us to give full play to our creativity. In this issue, I will introduce villa “ Summer resort ” The skill of making &hellip& hellip;

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the first trick: build structures and use the rack to play the role of shading

whether it is courtyard structures or fabric furniture decoration, it is a good choice to make the courtyard comfortable and cool. Anywhere in the courtyard, you can use the terrain to build structures, which is effective and convenient. The gallery or flower rack is a common landscape element in the courtyard. In addition to providing support for plants, it can also create a comfortable outdoor space. The width, density and arrangement direction of the beams on the gallery affect the effect of shading. The rack is best placed on the West and south sides of the house. The wider the beam, the denser

second trick: skillfully use the sunshade

the sunshade is easy to use and relatively occupies less land. There are many specifications of sunshades, which completely depend on the number of users and the size of the area. When choosing a sunshade, don't forget to investigate the wind proof design. In addition, if you don't want to use the sunshade as a consumable once a year, the choice of umbrella surface material is very important

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