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In a corner of art, feel your beauty. Your beauty is revealed from the inside out, not only the fashionable appearance, but also the internal quality, which brings people infinite artistic life taste, and the flash of art appears from the inside out

kangnaideng international top home furnishing brand has been committed to developing products with fashionable high-end home furnishing culture, leading a new solid wood home furnishing fashion. Advanced technology provides more opportunities for the creation of first-class products, making them popular everywhere

the noble and elegant wood is exquisitely carved by master conneden, creating a value model for home and adding elegance to your life. The fresh and elegant package tone, soft and clear texture, such as a willow warm sun, such as a trace of spring breeze freedom, create a warm and romantic environment

Blanca, the pattern is square and the mastery is moderate; Pure in color, pure in heart. Blanca series, with the simplest lines and surfaces, paints legends in the world. They are qualitative but invisible. The highlights are transparent but not reflective. What they paint is not the world, but the inner entrance and exit

Fantasia - art masters, ideas start from scratch, and there will be one always + one. The source of art is to constantly improve ideas and present them through qualitative performance. The series of conneden lancho fantasies is formed by the collision of the Xuan Shang color system. The Xuan Shang color system carefully observes you, and you will have a kind of wrong track, orderly, quiet forest with wind. Art is your inner access to things, which determines your height here

accurately grasp the mainstream home market. Connaiden aims to make the wardrobe more comfortable, easy to use and humanized, so that a healthy and modern lifestyle is readily available. The high-quality leather surface, which symbolizes nobility and luxury, has a distinct sense of fashion and luxury. In every detail, you can feel the texture and beauty of natural wood, natural and simple. Whether the consumer groups who pursue simplicity or calm atmosphere, they can enjoy the traditional mellow fragrance and classical charm through solid wood

classic design concept is perfectly combined with fashion and noble quality. The smooth and simple design lines show extraordinary temperament and taste in the details of product quality. Let you calm down and enjoy the charm of nature in the noisy city





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